hola guys ! Listen☝🏽 I’m not going to give a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t been as consistent as I would likeeee.. But anywho. I’m here! And I’ve been working hard on myself before I decided to commit myself again and this time around will be better. I figured what better time to have a fresh start than in the Beginning of a new Beautiful month! I can’t help but smile ( or force myself to do so) with this awesome weather we have been experiencing recently. Don’t you agree? Even when I’m not feeling my best lately I don’t give myself too much time to dwell on it, because guess who’s day it drags out? Mine. And I choose happiness from now on. 🙂

Sooooo here is some new stuff that has been going on with moi.👇🏽



Oreo is still cuuuute as you can see, always in someone’s business 😛.




I no longer work In Corporate Accounts Payable.. ( the above picture was my last day, as you can see I was blessed with great coworkers😭💜)

… Because I am now a permanent Preferred relationship Specialist at Bank Of America!!! 😁👏🏽👇🏽 


I am beyond grateful, as well as relieved. Grateful because not only do I have a permanent position with benefits, and relieved to finally be stable after working so hard at it for so long. 

A couple of new habits that I have acquired are: meditation as well as using essential oils. Now another goal of mine has been to really learn how to not react so quickly based off my feelings at the moment of intense situations. What 24 year old wants heartburn because they have a hot temper at the near sight of someone looking at them the wrong way? Not me so I am trying to tame that. Something I am SO excited I found out about are essential oils! Who else loves them ? So far I have found them personally helpful with: 

My sinus headaches/pressure

Sleeping Better

Falling asleep easier 

Things that usually make my blood pressure raise fast (don’t

Helps me focus

Here is one I took with me to work👇🏽


I found that this Jasmine essential oil by Nature’s Bounty is useful for me at work especially after Lunch time. Idk about you guys but after lunch time & I eat, I get tired. When I feel tired I get lazy lol. The refreshing 

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