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I’m sorry 

Hi guys,  I’m sorry for being so M.I.A. I’m not even sure if anyone is reading this and if I’ve lost any followers it’s totally my fault for neglecting this. Anyway I just wanted to say goodbye , I feel … Continue reading

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hola guys ! Listen☝🏽 I’m not going to give a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t been as consistent as I would likeeee.. But anywho. I’m here! And I’ve been working hard on myself before I decided to commit myself again and … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions!

Hola guys ! Happy Weekend! How is everyone’s Saturday going? It’s pretty bummy out today as am I ( which you can tell by my lack of effort in my appearance today) 👇: I’m just wearing my Wheat Timberlands ( … Continue reading

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Long time no Blog ?

Hiiiiiii Everyone! First things first, HAPPPPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAAAAAR!! I pray and have faith that this year will bring nothing but blessings and positive vibes for all of us. I know I know it’s been TOO LONG , forgive me. I … Continue reading

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Sunday’s in September

Hola guys! Happy Labor Day!! how has everyone’s weekend been? I hope well. I haven’t done much I’m kind of disappointed but oh welp! Anyway I wanted to share my OOTD. 👇 Today I am wearing a floral skinny strap … Continue reading

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Moody Monday’s

Hola guys! How is your Monday going? I feel like a walking zombie today lol I AM SO TIRED GUYS 😩😴. Anyway, I wanted to talk about a couple things that make me sad.. Number one is overly bragged about … Continue reading

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Sonia Kashuk 15 year anni. Brushes!!

Hola guys! Good evening lovely people, did you have a good day? So the movie was awesome! We laughed through basically the whole thing lol. I definitely recommend you guys see Think Like a Man Too if you already haven’t! … Continue reading

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