New Years Resolutions!

Hola guys ! Happy Weekend! How is everyone’s Saturday going? It’s pretty bummy out today as am I ( which you can tell by my lack of effort in my appearance today) 👇:




I’m just wearing my Wheat Timberlands ( they make my feet look huge and I’m a 7. I promise! Ugh), with a gray Champion crew neck & Denim Skinny’s. I never feel like doing my hair when it’s ugly out lol. & as you can see very minimal makeup today *shrug*.

So the real purpose of today’s post is to tell you all my resolutions! Let’s jump right into it shall we?

– Be a Calmer, more at peace individual. In all aspects of my life but mostly at work where it is a challenge.

I want to work on this because last year had its rough patches but there were times where I wish I relaxed a little or didn’t act as soon as I was … pissed to put it simply. I have a hard time taking a step back when I am upset especially if I’m hurt, and because of that a very not so nice side comes out that I do not like. So I’m changing that not only for my well being but because it is not fair to my loved ones and I hate the feeling I have after. This of course is for situations where I am in the wrong. If I am ever right and being treated wrong I will always speak up because that’s the type of Woman I am. But sometimes I have learned no action is the best reaction.

– Be more persistent with my posts!

– Become a permanent employee at my job.

Now typically I wouldn’t even let anyone know I am a contractor where I work. This is because people make it seem as though it is so easy to find a job let alone be with a company permanently these days. Unfortunately I have felt like less of an employee/ person whenever I worked somewhere as a Contractor. I have more luck with finding jobs through agencies than directly applying unfortunately. And you know what? I stopped caring what people think and how they perceive my position. You know why? Because I work 40+ hours a week like everyone else therefore I am equal regardless of my status. Hmph! 👏😌 And 1) I like to be open with You all. 2) Last year I was blessed to land an excellent position within Bank Of America with an agency. And I have been progressing and working there ever since. I am so proud of myself and how much I have grown as not only an employee but an adult. I really feel myself growing up. Part of that is sticking to one steady job and moving forward there, and that is what I am working towards. Scratch that Achieving! I do have my CNA license and I am a certified MA, but honestly have had no luck in that field. Every hospital, clinic etc. Wants you to have 2 years plus experience… Well obviously I’m trying to get experience but how can I if no one will hire me? Lol, shaking.My.Cabesa. Maybe one day I will but for now I am working with what God puts in front of me and making the best out of it.

– On a more simple note I want to become better at applying my makeup & hopefully others soon.
I always want to build my collection so that’s every year.

– Lastly I would like to seriously gain 10 more lbs.. Maybe a little more
Mostly muscle obviously which I am working towards. I drink protein shakes, try to eat better, and work out weights.
Now I’ll let you in on one of my biggest issues with myself. I do not like the weight I am. With my height ( 5’4) I look 100 lbs when I am really 130. People are constantly preaching to me about how tiny, small & skinny I am. And let me tellllll you how much I HATE it! Like I don’t point out to them how big they are or how many rolls they may or may not have. You know why? Because who cares! Everyone’s body type is different for different reasons. So for me to judge them off that or ridicule them about their size isn’t right. So why don’t others get that? Ugh. But honestly I would like a little more meat for my own personal gain. People will always talk & it will always probably Annoy me but this goal is because I want it.

I promise to work toward all my goals and update everyone as the process unfolds😊.

So there are my resolutions! What do you all think? Do you have any of your own? I would love to know & hear your feedback. Sorry if this was too long & thank you thank you thank you if you read all of this!!! You have no idea how much it means to me that I may be a little interesting to others. Take care and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Xoxoxo

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5 Responses to New Years Resolutions!

  1. thorneg says:

    Omg i totally understand you with the “but you’re so skin comments”. I am skinny and short but I would rather have curves. But if I every complain it’s always the “but you’re skinny” because apparently since I am skinny I am automatically happy with my weight. Like no.

    • Thank you!! I hate that as well, you feel like you can never make a comment about your weight because you’re the most petite in the room. I also get the “like you dont need to worry about what you eat you’re a stick”. Some people dont realize fat jokes arent the only ones that hurt or hit a nerve. Its those skinny jokes that make us have a complex but i just remind myself i can always work on myself and regardless i am Beautiful, so are you ! We can improve ourselves and what they cant improve is their lack of common sense :p Xoxo

      • thorneg says:

        It’s sad because it’s really the images that we are seeing in society. If you’re skinny you are fine and if you are not you’re sad and want to be skinny. Like being skinny is the ultimate goal and because of that people do not realize that being skinny isn’t what everyone wants.

  2. My main resolution this year is to become comfortable with how I look. I think I need to have a better outlook. Btw I didn’t think this post was too long 🙂

    • I know that we both can achieve our resolution with dedication! I too am working towards being content with my image and not societies idea of “Beautiful” or “Perfect”. Which you are in your own way :). I once put little post- its of compliments to myself all around my room & on my mirrors so everyday i would be reminded( it helped me on those rough days/ boosted my confidence on good ones.) Thanks so much for the nice reply, it means alot! Xoxoxo

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