I’m sorryΒ 

Hi guys, 

I’m sorry for being so M.I.A. I’m not even sure if anyone is reading this and if I’ve lost any followers it’s totally my fault for neglecting this. Anyway I just wanted to say goodbye , I feel as though nothing is helping my depression. I advised you all I believe in Gebruary of last year that I was having these feelings and they’re really not going away πŸ˜“. I’m to the point now where I just don’t understand why God keeps letting me wake up. I beg him to take this pain from me I bed him and ask him why wake up if everyday I’m going to feel this pain. I just don’t feel good enough anymore. I have a good job however that increases my anxiety and it’s to the point now where I haven’t been there since August ! Can you believe that? My anxiety is so bad in that place that my doctor literally took me out. So I suppose I’m grateful I won’t have to feel every part of my body shakes physically because I’m scared of the abuse that those clients will make me feelπŸ˜“. Not everyone understands that even if you have a couple loved ones you can still feel alone. I feel so alone I feel surrounded by others who are unable to see where I am coming from because they dont feel the things I feel they don’t have the anxiety or depression issues I have. Today I felt like the worst daughter ever because my mother (she is my angel) tried to console me and it just didn’t help you guys. I mean it’s comforting to know she is always there for me nmw but come on who wants to put their own burdens on their mother who already has her own you know ? I don’t want her to feel worst because of me. I have always felt alone when it comes to my feelings because I was in a lot of situations where I was alone and I just had to deal with the results of traumatic situations in my own. I’m so tired of trying and faking being strong I just don’t want to be here anymore I really don’t I want to put everyone out their misery and just disappear . πŸ˜₯ I won’t keep going because this is probably really annoying for someone else to read . Also I ha e a migraine from crying since idk when so I wish everyone the best and I hope no one else ever has to feel this way. Please understand thank you for whoever still follows me , best wishes . 

Signed , 
hopeless . 

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hola guys ! Listen☝🏽 I’m not going to give a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t been as consistent as I would likeeee.. But anywho. I’m here! And I’ve been working hard on myself before I decided to commit myself again and this time around will be better. I figured what better time to have a fresh start than in the Beginning of a new Beautiful month! I can’t help but smile ( or force myself to do so) with this awesome weather we have been experiencing recently. Don’t you agree? Even when I’m not feeling my best lately I don’t give myself too much time to dwell on it, because guess who’s day it drags out? Mine. And I choose happiness from now on. πŸ™‚

Sooooo here is some new stuff that has been going on with moi.πŸ‘‡πŸ½



Oreo is still cuuuute as you can see, always in someone’s business πŸ˜›.




I no longer work In Corporate Accounts Payable.. ( the above picture was my last day, as you can see I was blessed with great coworkersπŸ˜­πŸ’œ)

… Because I am now a permanent Preferred relationship Specialist at Bank Of America!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½ 


I am beyond grateful, as well as relieved. Grateful because not only do I have a permanent position with benefits, and relieved to finally be stable after working so hard at it for so long. 

A couple of new habits that I have acquired are: meditation as well as using essential oils. Now another goal of mine has been to really learn how to not react so quickly based off my feelings at the moment of intense situations. What 24 year old wants heartburn because they have a hot temper at the near sight of someone looking at them the wrong way? Not me so I am trying to tame that. Something I am SO excited I found out about are essential oils! Who else loves them ? So far I have found them personally helpful with: 

My sinus headaches/pressure

Sleeping Better

Falling asleep easier 

Things that usually make my blood pressure raise fast (don’t

Helps me focus

Here is one I took with me to workπŸ‘‡πŸ½


I found that this Jasmine essential oil by Nature’s Bounty is useful for me at work especially after Lunch time. Idk about you guys but after lunch time & I eat, I get tired. When I feel tired I get lazy lol. The refreshing 

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New Years Resolutions!

Hola guys ! Happy Weekend! How is everyone’s Saturday going? It’s pretty bummy out today as am I ( which you can tell by my lack of effort in my appearance today) πŸ‘‡:




I’m just wearing my Wheat Timberlands ( they make my feet look huge and I’m a 7. I promise! Ugh), with a gray Champion crew neck & Denim Skinny’s. I never feel like doing my hair when it’s ugly out lol. & as you can see very minimal makeup today *shrug*.

So the real purpose of today’s post is to tell you all my resolutions! Let’s jump right into it shall we?

– Be a Calmer, more at peace individual. In all aspects of my life but mostly at work where it is a challenge.

I want to work on this because last year had its rough patches but there were times where I wish I relaxed a little or didn’t act as soon as I was … pissed to put it simply. I have a hard time taking a step back when I am upset especially if I’m hurt, and because of that a very not so nice side comes out that I do not like. So I’m changing that not only for my well being but because it is not fair to my loved ones and I hate the feeling I have after. This of course is for situations where I am in the wrong. If I am ever right and being treated wrong I will always speak up because that’s the type of Woman I am. But sometimes I have learned no action is the best reaction.

– Be more persistent with my posts!

– Become a permanent employee at my job.

Now typically I wouldn’t even let anyone know I am a contractor where I work. This is because people make it seem as though it is so easy to find a job let alone be with a company permanently these days. Unfortunately I have felt like less of an employee/ person whenever I worked somewhere as a Contractor. I have more luck with finding jobs through agencies than directly applying unfortunately. And you know what? I stopped caring what people think and how they perceive my position. You know why? Because I work 40+ hours a week like everyone else therefore I am equal regardless of my status. Hmph! πŸ‘πŸ˜Œ And 1) I like to be open with You all. 2) Last year I was blessed to land an excellent position within Bank Of America with an agency. And I have been progressing and working there ever since. I am so proud of myself and how much I have grown as not only an employee but an adult. I really feel myself growing up. Part of that is sticking to one steady job and moving forward there, and that is what I am working towards. Scratch that Achieving! I do have my CNA license and I am a certified MA, but honestly have had no luck in that field. Every hospital, clinic etc. Wants you to have 2 years plus experience… Well obviously I’m trying to get experience but how can I if no one will hire me? Lol, shaking.My.Cabesa. Maybe one day I will but for now I am working with what God puts in front of me and making the best out of it.

– On a more simple note I want to become better at applying my makeup & hopefully others soon.
I always want to build my collection so that’s every year.

– Lastly I would like to seriously gain 10 more lbs.. Maybe a little more
Mostly muscle obviously which I am working towards. I drink protein shakes, try to eat better, and work out weights.
Now I’ll let you in on one of my biggest issues with myself. I do not like the weight I am. With my height ( 5’4) I look 100 lbs when I am really 130. People are constantly preaching to me about how tiny, small & skinny I am. And let me tellllll you how much I HATE it! Like I don’t point out to them how big they are or how many rolls they may or may not have. You know why? Because who cares! Everyone’s body type is different for different reasons. So for me to judge them off that or ridicule them about their size isn’t right. So why don’t others get that? Ugh. But honestly I would like a little more meat for my own personal gain. People will always talk & it will always probably Annoy me but this goal is because I want it.

I promise to work toward all my goals and update everyone as the process unfolds😊.

So there are my resolutions! What do you all think? Do you have any of your own? I would love to know & hear your feedback. Sorry if this was too long & thank you thank you thank you if you read all of this!!! You have no idea how much it means to me that I may be a little interesting to others. Take care and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Xoxoxo

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Long time no Blog ?

Hiiiiiii Everyone!


First things first, HAPPPPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAAAAAR!! I pray and have faith that this year will bring nothing but blessings and positive vibes for all of us. I know I know it’s been TOO LONG , forgive me. I won’t bore you with my excuses, but one of my resolutions (which will be another post) is to be persistent with my blog all year round’. I’m trying to practice managing my time better, the older I get the more I realize how precious it is. So I want everything (for the most part) I do to be productive/ benefit me in some way.

So anyway, this post is basically going to be me catching up with you and a few new things with me. For starters:


I got a Kitty! His name is Oreo & I love him so much haha. Never thought I would say I was a cat person until My Mother & myself rescued this little guy! Let me tell you when we first got him he was so skinny & sad because he was literally COVERED in FLEES ugh gross & so sad I know. I had never even seen Flee’s before this, they were crawling out of his skin all over. He was so miserable you guys it broke my heart. So anyway we took him to get a flea bath and get all cleaned up and trimmed and all his shots so he was feeling much better soon after!!



I have been wanting to show my mom more how much I love and value her. Again, another thing I’m learning as I get older is that she really is my truest, best & closest friend amongst many other roles.




Also I turned 24,




I didn’t do too much, I’m not the “party girl” type so I just went and had a nice romantic night with my boyfriend 😌. I even had two cakes! So I was happy lol. I’m just grateful to see another year you know?


I’ve been more into accessorizing lately & trying to build on my jewelry collection.




Also,I have been working on my makeup area,(Still a work in progress.)






I went to a couple Holiday events,






How were your Holidays? I hope you all enjoyed them and spent those special moments with people you Love & care about! And I hope you all got some good stuffs! Yes I know that isn’t the point but it’s still nice to receive when you’ve given & made those loved ones have that priceless smile.


And last but not least , it was my 3 year anniversary with my Prince Charming 😁😍!


We had a very nice weekend together, you know how it is when you have a great time and forget to capture all the moments? That was my weekend lol but here are a few snaps I got,


I surprised him with flowers for once And chocolate but of course he ate it.

We enjoyed a nice dinner,




And today we were Just lazy bed bugs πŸ˜‰,



So have you guys missed me?! I promised I have missed you and I am going to be better! I hope you have all enjoyed this post, if you have any feedback any at all, I would appreciate it! I love hearing from you all & it’s almost a comfort knowing someone else out there is reading my nonsense and actually likes what they see .
XoXo, Take Care Loves!

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Sunday’s in September

Hola guys! Happy Labor Day!! how has everyone’s weekend been? I hope well. I haven’t done much I’m kind of disappointed but oh welp! Anyway I wanted to share my OOTD. πŸ‘‡


Today I am wearing a floral skinny strap crop top. Yes I just made that up lol. With a long denim pencil skirt. I bought both at a local boutique as well as the floral scrunchie I’m wearing. As you can see I just threw my hair up in a messy bun, it was so humid today ugh. & Clearly I have a small thing for the flower patterns hehe. I also wore gladiator sandals with this.

As you can see a simple bare face look with silver light jewelry. So what do you all think? I love alllll feedback! take care Loves, xoxo .

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Moody Monday’s

Hola guys! How is your Monday going? I feel like a walking zombie today lol I AM SO TIRED GUYS 😩😴. Anyway, I wanted to talk about a couple things that make me sad..

Number one is overly bragged about products that just DON’T WORK . πŸ‘‡


So initially I was super excited to try this Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser . I had this coupon from Cosmopolitan magazine for $3 off ! And originally it was about &6.99, BUT it was on sale for $5.99. Sooooo I only paid $2! THAT’S RIGHT TWOOOO DOLLARS!. So you can imagine how happy I was from the jump start huh.

Anyway here are the ” how it works” details:
. “Draws out and traps 2x more dirt & impurities than a basic cleanser.
. Purifies pores to leave your face deeply cleaned and your skin tingly smooth”.

Anyway I brought this home & tried it a couple days later. Now one thing I will agree with is the “tingly” feeling. I scrubbed this all over my face with a small micro fiber cloth gently ( as I would with any other face cleanser) & I immediately felt the tingly part, all over. So I rinse my face off right.. And telllllll me why about maybe 10 mins later my mom goes “Jalysa why do you look like Rudolph?” I said “what are you talking about Ma.” And she showed me a mirror so I can see myself & the cleanser made my nose super red! And I don’t mean red-ish my nose was about as red as a tomato. And if my mom would not have told me I would have never known because it did not hurt or anything. So weird & I was super bummed out that this did not work for me. Thankfully I only spent $2 so I’m not too upset. Also I got rid of the redness by applying Hydrocortisone cream to my nose and it went away in about 20-30 mins. But guess who won’t be using the Biore Deep Clean Charcoal Cleanser again.. This girl.

Now for the second disappointment that was brought upon me this month. What really makes my heart break is when you get excited about restocking on a good makeup product and once you open it it’s freakinggg broken! Example:πŸ‘‡

So I am a frequent user of the E.L.F Golden Bronzer . I use it more for a highlighter than a Bronzer & it looks awesome on my skin! So you can imagine how sad I was when I saw this.. Mehhh. And I hate how you can’t return makeup for these instances like what the heck? Give me my 3 dollars back sucka! *shakes fist* lol. I want to find out who stocked this so carelessly to make this happen or who dropped this so hard hmph. Lol jk guys, whatever you win some you lose some right?

So on to a happier subject. Yesterday me and Christopherrr went to go see “If I Stay” .

OMG YOU GUYS IT IS SO GOOOD! Seriously but I hate how the ending left me hanging so I’m going to buy the second book today hehe. You know how you cry so hard you have to hold your face or you’re gonna be all “WAAAAAHHHHH NEJRJENDBRNEXERPQ”

IMG_4011.PNG lol yeah that was me.
Even Chris liked it!! I recommend everyone and anyone to watch it. It is a great storyline, or even read the book! We also went for a walk after in the park since it was a nice day.

IMG_3992.JPGI just had on a pair of sweat pants from a boutique here & my champion sneakers from Payless.

Did you guys have a good Sunday? I hope so & I hope your Monday was even better!
Ps: I got some good news at work that really made my day and answered my prayers. Seriously, God is good. Okay well I’m done ranting. I love any/ALL feedback so bring it on Beautiful people. Take care, xoxo.

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Sonia Kashuk 15 year anni. Brushes!!

Hola guys! Good evening lovely people, did you have a good day? So the movie was awesome! We laughed through basically the whole thing lol. I definitely recommend you guys see Think Like a Man Too if you already haven’t! So anyway a couple weeks ago I got my hands on these beauties !πŸ‘‡:

First off I love the box & her thank you message. Super cute! I almost did not want to open them haha.

Retail price was $39.99 and after taxes I ended up paying about $42.& change lol sorry I don’t remember the exact amount. I found out about them a while ago and had been on the hunt for a little. I finally found ONE last Target in the state that had ONE last box *wipes sweat from forehead*. Anyway I am in loveeeee! You guys. I am a fan of Sonia Kashuk ‘s Beauty line as it is. But when I saw these brushes for thisssss pretty darn Good price ! I actually think the price is great for so many brushes when I did pay $13 for a large stipple brush. Back to the point.. Oh I just knew I was going to get my hands on them! I mean they’re gorgeous for one look at them!




The brush set includes ( as seen in above picture left to right) for the most part.. Lol πŸ‘‡
A powder brush
A blusher brush
A duo fiber buffing brush
A synthetic angled multipurpose brush
A contour brush
A foundation brush
A concealer brush
A blending brush
A crease brush
A small eye shadow brush
A fluffy eye shadow brush
A precision pencil brush
A synthetic angled liner brush
A smudge brush and spoolie πŸ’œ

I love these brushes ! Everything about them, from the softness to the beautiful purple color, ugh! This is how I stored themπŸ‘‡

I am really into storing my brushes into clear acrylic/ glass containers lately. My original three ( in the back) were a birthday gift a year ago. The two I stored these brushes in are from the Dollar Tree THAT’S RIGHT LADIES! One dollar for these gems & I also purchased the clear marbles there as well. *pats back* I have another acrylic jar as seen above the first three jars haha for my small travel brushes (I also store my ELF Ariel Brushes there) at The Container Store for only.. Guess how much..$4!! I know you want to come shopping with me now huh lol.

So what do you all think? I am very pleased with this purchase and will tell you all how it goes once I get them a little dirty! Hehe. Any questions,comments, advice or reviews of your own? I hope you enjoyed this and enjoy your night! Take care, xoxo.

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Simple Saturday’s

Hola guyss! Happy Weekend!!!!!πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ I hope you all have had a good jump start to yours. What is everyone doing today? Me & the Mr. & my lovely Mother are going to see a movie with my mother later ( Think like a man too) & we went on a little Bike Ride to pass the waiting time. We’re all about being active and outdoors when we can! Thought I would share !πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘‡



I’m just wearing my denim ripped overalls with a black crop top ( both from a local boutique). I also paired this with some black and white Chanpion sneakers I don’t plan on doing too much today. Just some errands & wash up some clothes. Trying to have a relaxing day 😊. So what did you all think? Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day! Talk to you soon πŸ˜‰ xoxo

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Today’s OOTD!

Hola guys! Me again ☺️. So it’s already starting to feel like early fall here, *cries and staples leaves back on trees* Plus I work weekdays so my outfit today was pretty casualπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‡, have a look!


I decided to try something different & go with the denim on denim look. Just some YMI light midwaist jeans, ( I haaaaaate anything lower than mid waist, just do haha) with a denim button up from a local boutique.

I also paired it with my black open toe Franco Sarto heels. 3 1/2 inches πŸ˜‰. From Marshall’s for Only $30!!

I wore my statement necklace that is half breaded in black and half gold .. Things lol.
So what did you guys think?! What do you usually wear to work? Do you like the denim on denim or is it too matchy matchy? Well I hope you guys are enjoying your night , what did you wear today?!! Any thoughts, questions, comments? Let me know ! xoxoxo

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Random Post

Hola guys! How’s everyone been doing, how is your week? Eh I’m over this week lol I am sooo annoyed today BUT I’m trying to stay positive☺️. I know what I’m upset about someone else is praying for so *shuts up*. Anyway! I wanted to share with you guys some fun I had this weekend πŸ™‚ πŸ‘‡




My boyfriend was having some fun playing Photographer & he calls me his little muse hehe. And I love swimming! seriously I LOVE the water I wish it was Summer all year long *sigh*. In my head I am a Mermaid lol. Oh ! And I got the cutest scrunchie πŸ‘‡

Kinda obsessed with flowers lately I have a few headbands and I figured why not try a hair tie! Everyone at work loved it, how bout you guys ? How do you feel about this post? Hope you all liked it !πŸ™ˆ I have a few posts I will be doing soon more towards beauty etc but I just wanted to share this first☺️.

Well I hope you all have a great HumpDaaay! any questions, opinions, anything ? I love to hear from you all! Take care , xoxo.

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