Today’s OOTD!

Hola guys! Me again ☺️. So it’s already starting to feel like early fall here, *cries and staples leaves back on trees* Plus I work weekdays so my outfit today was pretty casual😎👇, have a look!


I decided to try something different & go with the denim on denim look. Just some YMI light midwaist jeans, ( I haaaaaate anything lower than mid waist, just do haha) with a denim button up from a local boutique.

I also paired it with my black open toe Franco Sarto heels. 3 1/2 inches 😉. From Marshall’s for Only $30!!

I wore my statement necklace that is half breaded in black and half gold .. Things lol.
So what did you guys think?! What do you usually wear to work? Do you like the denim on denim or is it too matchy matchy? Well I hope you guys are enjoying your night , what did you wear today?!! Any thoughts, questions, comments? Let me know ! xoxoxo

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