Random Post

Hola guys! How’s everyone been doing, how is your week? Eh I’m over this week lol I am sooo annoyed today BUT I’m trying to stay positive☺️. I know what I’m upset about someone else is praying for so *shuts up*. Anyway! I wanted to share with you guys some fun I had this weekend 🙂 👇




My boyfriend was having some fun playing Photographer & he calls me his little muse hehe. And I love swimming! seriously I LOVE the water I wish it was Summer all year long *sigh*. In my head I am a Mermaid lol. Oh ! And I got the cutest scrunchie 👇

Kinda obsessed with flowers lately I have a few headbands and I figured why not try a hair tie! Everyone at work loved it, how bout you guys ? How do you feel about this post? Hope you all liked it !🙈 I have a few posts I will be doing soon more towards beauty etc but I just wanted to share this first☺️.

Well I hope you all have a great HumpDaaay! any questions, opinions, anything ? I love to hear from you all! Take care , xoxo.

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9 Responses to Random Post

  1. Miz Lulu says:

    Great photos 😀 ! I need to get my boyfriend behind the camera. Excited to read more of your blog c:

  2. emeraldphial says:

    Where have you beeeen?! But cheer up chuck, we’re all here for you! And lovely photos! Wish I could get my boyfriend to help take pictures for mine :’) but I feel they would just come out blurry hahaha.

    • Ugh being held hostage at work for the last week! HAHA well that’s how it feels anyway, promise I’ll be more consistent, because I have a lot I wanna share with you (and everyone else) ☺️! Ty so much , hey if anything there’s always le trusty self timer 😉 hehehe. Thanks always for the kind words and support! I love my blog friends <3333

      • emeraldphial says:

        Oh deaaaar no pressure!! But nice to see you’re alive ahaha 😁 and that is true but so awkward in public…. 😟 and it’s okay!!! Here for you anytime 😊

      • You know I used to NEVER take pictures how I do now because I’m so shy around strangers and I hate people looking at me as it is 😂🙈 but you just have to take it little by little. Go to a park like super early or while everyone is at school then work your way up and pretty soon you won’t even care who’s around! Besides someone as beautiful as you should always take pictures no matter where you are ☝️💕

      • emeraldphial says:

        That’s such good advice!! I might just try it ahaha. I’ll see the morning joggers and be like ‘just taking some pics 😏’. And awww thanks that makes me feel so much more confident aha 😳😘😁

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