Late mini Ulta haul!

Hola guys! How is your Saturday going? A few weeks ago I went to Ulta and picked up a few things & I thought I would share ☺️👇:



First I want to talk about this mascara. I was dying to try. The They’re Real Benefit mascara! THESE ARE AMAZING Now I can’t say I have one fave mascara but this is definitely in the top 5. This is after a couple applications.

Need I say more ??! 😇

Also, I picked up the NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan along with the NYX Illuminator . I’ve been meaning to pick these up & at the time they were BOGO 50% off so you know I hadddd to!



I am so so so so happy with these two together, I have been using them everyday since! Another example:


I picked up a couple face masks by The Body Shop as well. Along with another Ulta brand Beauty Blending Sponge ( because you can never have too many) & A pair Of EcoTools false eyelashes in Naturally Lush ( just for the heck of it lol)



Lastly I picked up a Sally Hansen clear Matte nail polish top coat along with a Sally Hansen Fast dry nail polish in Brisk Blue


So what do you guys think? Hope you liked this post & have a wonderful weekend beautifulls! 😘 xoxo

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2 Responses to Late mini Ulta haul!

  1. Looks like some fun stuff! I’ve been debating getting some type of sponge like that although I’m not spending 20 for a real one haha

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