Babbling about how I get Fresh on a Friday

Hola guys, HAPPY FRIDAAAAY! So I wanted to share what I have been washing my face with in the mornings. I have been loving the Olay Fresh Effects line.

I Wake up and wash my face with the Out Of This Swirled, Exfoliating scrub in White Grapefruit & Green Tea and the Shine Shine Go Away minimizing cleanser. (Which I got for $5.00 on CLEARANCE as you can see. Yay me !) Then I hydrate with the Dew Over hydrating gel moisturizer. After that depending on the day I may or may not use the Skin Perfecting Tinted moisturizer. I do like this bb cream it is lightweight , matches my skin tone perfectly & leaves me looking fresh and natural! I do wish they had more selection for colors of this product but *shrug* whaddaya gonna do right ?

I like using the Exfoliating scrub & the minimizing cleanser together because I feel as though it helps wake me up and rejuvenates my skin for the long day ahead. I literally can feel each face cleanser working it’s little magic on my skin, it’s amazing! The hydrating gel also almost tightens my face and definitely brightens my skin which helps me have a good morning INDEED!

At night I will use the Everything Off, makeup removal cloths. I love these wipes, ever since I started purchasing a couple months ago I have not been using any other brand. These wipes do not irritate my very sensitive skin at all. Also I noticed prior to using these wipes I would always have to use a separate eye makeup remover because wipes would hurt my eyes ( they would burn or never stop water or itch). But not with the Everything Off wipes! I use one wipe and it takes off everythingggg with ease. They definitely lived up to their name! I am so happy with the Olay Fresh Effects skincare line. I would recommend these products to any and everyone with not just oily skin or combination skin like myself but ANYONE! They are certainly an investment to say the least. I also am certainly going to continue using these products & I want to experiment with all of the other products from this amazing line. Can’t wait to share how it goes with you guys. I really do get excited when I buy something or try something new out just so I can tell you hehe. ☺️

So I hope you all enjoyed this review of the products I have so far come cross with the Fresh Effects line. Has anyone tried them & loved them/ disliked them? I would love to hear allllll and anyyyy of your feedback if so !

Any comments, questions or advice of your own? You know I’m ALWAYS all ears! Also if you have any suggestions as to what you would to see me post /post more of please let me know! Hope you’re all having a great Friday. Xoxoxo

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