Talking about some goodies on this Tuesday

Hola guys ! How has your week been going? Considering it’s a four day week mine has been going pretty good! Then again I try to look at everyday as a good day lately.. It’s been pretty effective😌. Anyway have you guys heard about the ELF Ariel Makeup products that Walgreens has been selling lately? Welllllll, I picked some things they’re selling up!!!





I paid $10 for the Ariel Makeup Travel Brushes which came with that adorable little travel case& The Bronzer was $4.99. I absolutely love the packaging ! How cute is that Bronzer?! Ugh I almost did not want to throw away the boxes because even thoseeee were so pretty haha. So I haven’t tried anything out yet but when I do guess who will be the first to know how it turned out ? you all ! I also plan on buying the eyelash set & eyeshadow book they had this weekend. (I try not to buy everything at once don’t ask why hehe)

What do you guys think ?! Have you bought any of these items?! I think it is so cool & cute that ELF is doing this. I wish they had one for Aladdin *sigh* in my head I am Princess Jasmin πŸ˜‡ hehe.

On a side random note that no one probably cares about but I will share anyway…. I painted my toes ! They’re so cute

I painted them “solar flux” a color by Sinful Colors . I’m trying to use more summer & spring colors, what do you think? I like how it looks with my skin tone. Here is the polish!



Sooo what did you guys think of this post? Hope you enjoyed it! If you have anyyy any at all questions, comments, reviews of your own please share with me!! Enjoy your Tuesday night.. You know what that means ? PLL WOOOOOO!

Talk to you all soon , xoxo

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13 Responses to Talking about some goodies on this Tuesday

  1. emeraldphial says:

    I love those ELF Ariel makeup products!!!! 😍😍😍

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