Oh just buzzing about BzzAgent

Hola guys! Happy Sunday rest day! How has everyone’s weekend been going? Anyone get darker by about 3 shades like myself? Lol not even purposely I’m telling you smh. Anyway I received another BzzKit from BzzAgent the other day and who better to talk about it with than you all?!?!

So anyway this kit came with Bic Soleil Glow razors!



Aside from the cute packaging..My kit came with three disposable comfort shield razors. Pink, purple & green. Each razor has 3 blades, lubricating Strips (with Aloe & Vitamin E) & awesome rubber grip ( something else for our comfort).

So I have tried these razors ( one to be exact ) and there is no exaggeration what so ever when I say these are Wonderful!! I shaved on Monday and didn’t have to again until about Friday. For me that is a big deal because being Spanish my hair grows super fast all the time 😩. I had no razor bumps, I did not use shaving cream and still had no cuts. My skin was not irritated one bit & it usually is because I am so sensitive. I can certainly say these came in handy & I will be purchasing these in the future whenever I need a disposable razor for traveling Etc. I would recommend these to every female!!

Another terrific thing about BzzAgent is that with every kit they include a small book of coupons for what you have received!

How thoughtful of them
. I wish I could give you guys some coupons so you can experience them for a lesser price 🙍. BUT you should definitely check out http://www.bzzagent.com . Trust me it is worth signing up for. You will be glad you did!

I hope you all enjoyed this review & if you have anyyyy feedback at all you know I love to hear it! any questions, or tips/ reviews of your own? I’m all ears, all the time😁. xoxo

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