Is it Monday yet?

Have you ever woken up and wished you hadn’t? Like those leftover horrible, heartbroken feelings from the night before are still there? If anything they feel worst because now you have a whole day with nothing but time to reflect and have those feelings hit twice as hard . Like nothing is going your way no matter how hard you try as if “the world is against you “? Like what’s the point in trying you should give up. Maybe everyone would be happier because you’re the problem ( you meaning me) Well I have & It doesn’t feel very nice . I’m not usually one to cry myself to sleep and wake up to tears but I guess it has to happen every once in a blue moon. The weekend has only started and I wish it was over . Honestly I wish it was April I’m over this whole month. I tried shaking this funk off but I can’t my heart is too heavy. I do apologize for being so negative and depressing so early , again this isn’t in my character . But I had to vent a little. Times like this I guess friends would come in handy lol this is the part where being a loner works against me. Drained? I guess that’s a good word , I feel like I have nothing left . No faith, motivation, energy, not even anger. Just that annoying feeling in my stomach and recaps reminding me why I’m so sad in the first place. Being happy is sometimes easier said than done💔😓

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6 Responses to Is it Monday yet?

  1. Your post really spoke to me as I’ve been there just last weekend. I have actually been there quite a few weekends in the past year but last weekend was the worst. Waking up on Sunday thinking was everything a dream? Realizing it wasn’t and the pain being so bad that all you want to do is go back to sleep and wake up when it’s all over. Being awake hurts cuz you have to face the reality. I also keep only a handful people around me but I feel even them don’t understand so the lonely part I get. At then end of the day, you only really got yourself. So it’s up to YOU, to make YOU feel better. I feel that I am my own best friend and only I can help me. I didn’t feel like doing anything but I forced myself. I dressed up (cuz when you look pretty you feel pretty lol) and I went shopping. I didn’t buy nothing too big, just a few make up products but it didnt wonders for my mood. It doesn’t solve the issue but it makes you forget about what’s making you sad even if it’s for 5 mins… and that’s progress. I hope you feel better 🙂

    • Wow yes you just said everything I’ve been feeling . It’s always comforting to know someone else out there can relate , thanks to you I made myself get out of bed and get out of those pajamas! Lol you’re so right I am the only one who can make myself feel better I have the power to turn things around and I’m going to , this time happy tears are coming down lol. Thank you so much I appreciate every word <33

      • I am glad I could help. Sometimes I feel hearing comforting words from a stranger make me feel better than from a close friend. As hard as it is, you gotta keep going. I am doing the same today. I really want to sit on my couch and stream depressing shows Lolol but I am going to the mall to buy work out gear oh and a new blanket lol random I know.
        Sending hugs your way! Let me know what you end up doing hehe

      • I agree it’s nicer from a stranger because you’re not obligated to tell me comforting things where as my boyfriend sort of it you know ? & It was such a rainy day here ! Which did not motivate me to be happy but I kept my chin up anyway ! You would be proud ! Haha I treated myself out to breakfast and got a few good reads 🙂 I hope your day and mall trip went well! Xoxoxo

  2. Just Jona says:

    Hang in there, Jalysa! I find that writing helps release all pent-up thoughts and emotions. No friends required, so yay for loners like us! :))

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