BzzAgent sent another Bzzkit!

Hola guys ! & Good morning all, I hope everyone is having a nice start to your day. So BzzAgent sent me another Bzzkit ! This time the Campaign was for Starbucks Keg cups , Veranda Blend.

So as you know I’m obsessed with Tea and not so much Coffee BUT my mom loves coffee and if it’s free it’s for me !
My mom has tried these Keg Cups and she enjoys it , Starbucks is strong but everyone knows that. She told me it’s a little sweet as well. So she will be using these since I drink tea instead.

What else did the BzzKit come with ?
– Besides a big box of Keg Cups, a bunchhh of $4 off coupons !
So thank you BzzAgent . & if anyone would like to check out their website here’s the link:

What do you guys think ? have a great Thursday!! it’s almost Friday let’s hang in there guys 🙂 xoxo

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3 Responses to BzzAgent sent another Bzzkit!

  1. Koofa says:

    Nice! I’m actually drinking a Blonde roast K-cup right now! It is their lightest blend, I don’t like strong coffee at all! I actually signed up for BzzAgent a couple months ago but only because there was a coupon they were giving out that I wanted – needless to say, I didn’t get it.. I don’t know exactly how it works but I’ll have to look into it and start using it because I don’t like to pass up free either!

    • Really ? I still haven’t drank any of it but maybe on my cheat day I will now ! I signed up a while ago also & it does take a little while to start receiving boxes. (Wamp but when it’s free what can we do but wait right ? Lol) I honestly became a part of the community because sometimes they’ll give beauty samples and that’s really what I want but I haven’t received anything beauty related yet . Basically the more surveys you take , and the more word of mouth you spread about it is what gives you a chance of receiving their bzzkits. Also connecting you twitter, fb & even your blog site Increases your chances bigg time ! I hope I helped a little :))

      • Koofa says:

        Awesome, yeah, thanks for the info! I see it’s kind of like Influenster & those type of programs.. Going to look into it further now 🙂

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