Late Mini Haul

Me again ! Yesterday I went Into one of the local stores again and .. Just picked up a couple more things lol. So I thought it would be cool to share with you all! This is what I bought :



So I have been waiting for this dress to go down. The original price was $35, the moment I saw it I fell in love BUT I didn’t think it was worth that price.Long story short a couple months later I only ended up paying $10!! Lol I would’ve paid more than that but hey can’t complain. As you can see I have a thing for floral print, the open back is also something I like (not too low cut either ) & I also think this is the perfect dress for Spring. 😊

I also grabbed a plain white long v neck (the one I wore today clearly) & I thought the hat was super cute ! I only paid $6.99 for the shirt and $7.99 for the hat. So I think I got some great things for an excellent deal! I’m very happy with my purchases. Shopping can always make any day better am I right ?!

So what do you all think ? Am I the only floral lover out here ? I love hearing your thoughts ! Take care xoxo

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