Late Haul!

Hola guys ! How has everyone’s day been ? I hope you all have had a good jumpstart to your week! So on Sunday I went out & about. I picked up some goodies & I wanted to share with you lovelies ! So first I went to Savers:

From Left to Right The Gray vest was $12.99 & the caramel color vest was $2.99 !!I found these two beautiful faux fur vests! I was super excited especially to find them at a thrift store. I figured the gray vest was still a steal because I would’ve paid more anywhere else and I thought these were too cute 😌.

And I also went to Marshall’s ( my boyfriend was the reason for this he likes their shoes. Lol in my defense). Afterwards I went to The Dollar Tree for little things . Ps: I also picked up a couple 2.99 scarfs I am making into headbands From Savers everything fit better in this picture sorry :

So from Marshall’s I picked up this super cute, gray and white floral crop top. For guess how much .. *drum roll* $5!! Haha I’m always on the lookout for a bargain.
Then from The Dollar Tree : A Lavender scented candle, A “Fresh scent” Candle , some female goodies & toothpaste lol.

So what did you all think? I love hearing from you guys ! So feel free 🙂 Have a goodnight! xoxo

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2 Responses to Late Haul!

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    love those prints you picked up!! and scented candles are the best – so relaxing 😀

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