Mini haul!

Hey guys so this past weekend ( I know I know I’m late😖. I’ve been all over the place forgive me !) I’ll snap out of it ASAP promise lol. Anyways this is what I bought Saturday.


So I went to Savers & this is where I found that lovely & cozy blue cardigan from. I love loose fitting sweaters! especially living here we wear them practically all year long ! Plus it was such a steal for $3.99. Also I went to a local boutique and purchased the gray & black sweat pants . Now they are sweats but they fit me .. Very well they hug all my curves so I wouldn’t wear them to the gym but I would wear them out 😊.

Also I went to Walmart (of course I went to Walmart, what female goes running errands and DOESNT stop by there ? Ha !) and I bought the Hard Candy CC cream for about $6.99 .

I have only tried their heavy duty concealer Glamoflauge & I love it ! hello it’s amazing. I haven’t tried this CC cream yet but it blended in well when I swatched it so I’m going to give it a try and let you know! I do like Hard Candy because they don’t test on my fury friends and they’re affordable , no complaints so far !
I also purchased the Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Think Pink 901B. For $1.99.

Along with a backup ELF highlight and concealer from Target for $3. It’s always good to have backups right?😉

Again sorryy posts haven’t been the usual but I’ll get on that ! If you guys have any comments, tips, advice of your own let me know! Have a wonderful Wednesday xoxo

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2 Responses to Mini haul!

  1. Think Pink is an awesome colour! x

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