Flashback Friday anyone?

Hi guys, Happppy Friday! It’s the weekend Woop !(Not like I won’t be busy, but that’s my choice ! I’m no couch potato lol) . So I never do it on my Instagram I like being on here vs. there *shrug* BUT I figured maybe I would post a few “Flashback Friday” pictures just because with you all! And if you like this or wouldnt mind seeing more then let me know ? And I’ll continue gladly!

Flashback to when it was so hot I took problly three cold showers a day. Flashback to when I didn’t need my warmest Pea Coat, two hoodies,leggings under my scrubs, two pairs of socks and Insolated Boots. Flashback to when it was SO humid I couldn’t do anything! To my hair but wash it (nope not everyday) and just put leave in conditioner and let it do it’s own wild thang.
Flashback to 7am runs & outdoor workouts.
Flashback to cookouts every week & leaving my swimsuits in the car because we went straight to the lake or beach after work.
You get the point lol excuse my ramble obviously I hate cold .. So finally !👇

Taking pictures of random places where buildings used to be ( they built a wall up after I took these pictures lolll)

Meet my LuvahBoy:


Took more pictures of the picture taker hmm?



What was I doing smelling Le Nikon?!?


What a weirdo I know ! 😂
Anyway, what did you guys think ? Do you miss August too?! *sigh* I hope I didn’t bore you and you enjoyed this post ! Any tips on photography , personal experiences , any comments at all feel free to let me know guys ! Have a great night , go do something since I’ll be in bed ! Lol xoxo

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