NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Kit

GoodMorning Lovelies ! I hope you’ve all had a better start to your day than me (I’m a Debbie downer today forgive me). Anyway I’ve been loving this NYC Browser brush on Brow Kit and I thought I would share it with who else? You ! Who better right ?

So here is what it looks like:




Unfortunately you can’t really see the wax in this picture sowwwyy But I did some swatches of the kit:


So I use a simple “flat eyeliner brush ”

yes I know it’s not specifically for my brows but it works kay? I’m not sure what brand it is sorry I got it a while ago at Walmart. I just dip it into the wax after combing my eyebrows to keep the hairs in place. Then I’ll take the same brush, dip it in the powder, and just fill in those stubborn little empty spots on my eyebrows to make them look fuller . I don’t focus too much on the beginning part of my eyebrows, more so from the middle to end. This way it looks natural, plus I have thick eyebrows so it’s not necessary to look like a Chola. And finally I’ll take some concealer and blend it in both underneath & Above my eyebrows to correct any imperfections & voila!:

(I look better in person 😝) But besides that what did you guys think of this ? Was it helpful for you, do you have any suggestions on how I could be more helpful ? I appreciate all tips, advice, comments & your own reviews so don’t be shy! xoxo

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