Today was a good day to have a good day😁

Hey everyone ! I hope everyone has had a lovely Tuesday. It was beautiful in Little Rhody (well to us). It was 62 degrees here and we’re used to the 20s, 10s etc. A good day “” usually is about 40 degrees and not TOO much snow . Yes it snows often still BUT ANYWAY I decided it was perfect weather to actually get out the car and capture the Beauty I saw. And I thought I would show you all !






What do you think ? I hope you enjoyed this !Has anyone else finally seen some nice weather today ? Or are we late bloomers lol , anyway I always love hearing from you guys so feel free ! xoxo

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4 Responses to Today was a good day to have a good day😁

  1. Miz Lulu says:

    Wow! So beautiful!

  2. Anne Louise says:

    Are you in Rhode Island? This is just so beautiful. It actually really moved me to see these pics (ok I’ve had a glass of wine but I’m still good, ok?) – I grew up by the sea and used to go watch sunsets, but now I’m land locked and really miss the coast. Thanks for posting these.

    • Hahaha! That was my first laugh all day! I needed that thank you,who doesn’t have a glass every now & then right ;). & Yes I am in Rhode Island this lovely bipolar state lol You’re so welcome! any tips or advice I can offer I’m always willing to. Thank you sooo so much for your kind comments they really make my day I hope I continue to post things you will enjoy ! xoxoxo

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