Neutrogena Triple Repair Review !

Good morning Lovelies! So a month or so ago my mother recieved a box from BzzAgent and in this box came the Neutrogena Triple Repair shampoo, conditioner & even the leave in treatment !

And obviouslyyyyy I had to try it ๐Ÿ˜Œ. So I’ve been using this since then (a little over if not a month) . And honestly my hair feels thicker, stronger & feels softer! I have thick very curly and long hair to begin with. Now my natural hair color is jet black. In the past I have dyed my hair every color under the sun brown, blonde, red (yes I know but I was teenager give me a break ok?!) you name it . And now I’m back to dying it blacker whenever it is needed because my roots start to show brown after a few months ๐Ÿ˜’. (Or it could be my obsession with the color black and how much I love a dark dark black anything on me.)Needless to say some repair is definitely needed and this triple repair does what it says ! Repairs my hair and getting it back to it’s lovely self I am so pleased with this product I want everyone to try it !

Some more benefits of the Neutrogena Triple Repair:

.It is safe for color treated hair
.Mends split ends
.Strengthens Brittle hair
.Protects from breakage
.Protects heat hair styling up to 400 degrees


so bottom line guys I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs to give their hair some more TLC

here’s the link to check out BzzAgent website
If you guys have any comments,tips,reviews or advice of your own I would love to hear them! I hope you’ve liked this & have a great Sunday! xoxo

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