My skin care routine (during the mornings)

Good morning everyone ! 😊 It’s Thursday & that means one more day until Friday! woohoo😁😁. So anyway I figured I would share with you guys my morning skin care routine! I have pretty nice skin but that doesn’t mean I don’t break out or have annoyingly noticeable pores (plus oily skin ugh ) . So I try very hard to take care of my skin.


Every morning I wash the Cold Cream I applied the night before off my face with the Noxzema Clean Blemish Control daily scrub .
If I don’t use that for whatever reason I will substitute it with the Noxzema Clean Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream.
Once I wash the Cold Cream off I will then apply a generous amount of the Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream (the one in the big jar) . I leave that on my face until it is almost fully absorbed into my face ( usually 45 mins ) & then wash that off.
Lastly I apply one pump of the Neautrogena Oil free moisture face moisturizer .

My skin feels so refreshed, clean and I honestly have noticed a difference since I started doing this months ago! What do you do for your morning skin care routine ?
I always love to hear any advice, reviews or tips ! have a great day everyone

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