My All time favorite mascaras!!


Hey everyone ! I hope you all have had a lovely “HumpDay”😊😊.
So anyway I thought I would share the three mascaras that I seriously feel I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT. I probably have about 2-3 backups of each. (left to right)These are :

1)Maybelline’s Falsies. I LOVE falsies! (I actually put this mascara on last) They give me both volume and length. I really love the curved brush as well
2)Revlons Lash Potion: This is perfect for the right amount of volume and it doesn’t clump my eyelashes together.(this I apply second to last)
3)NYC SkyRise:THIS IS AMAZING FOR LENGTH! Plus it’s only $2, talk about a steal! I always have this in my bag I am in love with it. Definitely recommend to all. 😊😊

As always I would love to hear any of your reviews, advice,tips etc! xoxo 😚

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