Warm water with lemon


Good morning ! So I have been drinking warm water with lemon for a few days now , I do notice that it helps wake me up but here are some of the wonderful benefits on why you should drink it too !!

1) Aids digestion
2) Diuretic
3) Boosts Immune System
4)Balance PH Levels
5) Clears Skin
6) Energizes & helps mood
7) Freshens Breath
8) Hydrates Lymph System
9) Helps with Weight loss

Let me know what you think or if you have tried it !

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5 Responses to Warm water with lemon

  1. Nitaflatz says:

    Great! I’ll give it a try 😀

  2. Tried n tested herbal method.. Empty stomach in the morning take one glass of warm water mix half a lemon and 1 tea spoonful of honey… Taken everyday it burns body fat!!
    Give it a go n let me know 🙂

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